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Madagascar Raffia:

Raffia A natural fiber grown in Madagascar and harvested from the fronds of the Raphia Palm tree. Cut, sorted and packed by Malagasy natives for use by crafters, hunters (camouflage), hat makers and other users of naturally grown fibers/products.

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Untreated Raffia in its naturally dried form (dyed & natural color) and used by florists, crafters, hunters and hat makers. Raffia has many different grades, determined by the width, length, softness and color of the fibers.

Treated Flame resistant raffia used by schools, crafters and others looking for an easier natural fiber for tying and knotting. The treating process gives the raffia a waxy and slightly damp feel.

Curly Raffia from the East coast of Madagascar and twisted so when undone the fibers are very curly. Only available in natural color and in bags, bales or cartons.

Bulk / Bales / Packages All raffia available in 25 or 50-lb cartons. Natural untreated raffia is available in 220-lb bales (2’ x 2’ x 3’). Many different retail type packages are available for re-sale situations. Untreated raffia is available in 2oz bundles and poly bags, while Treated raffia is packed in cellophane wrapped packages to retain moisture.

Raffia Display Grass:

Our Artificial Grass is made from chopped raffia fibers and sewn to burlap or polypropylene backing. Used by movie/television studios, theaters and general display designers for enhancing sets, stages, floats and other natural settings.

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Sizes range from our standard 3.25’ x 6’ mat on burlap or poly backing and all other sizes up to 20’x20’ on burlap only. Standard Colors are Natural (straw like) & Green. Black is available in 3.25’ x 6’ only. Natural is very popular for making artificial straw bales. Green is used for artificial grass by set designers, display houses and cemeteries.

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Polypropylene Indoor/Outdoor Carpeting,
used by Grocery stores for display under fruits/vegetables and Cemeteries for covering the dirt around an open grave site. Available in cut sizes or in 6’ and 12’ rolls.

Other Madagascar Products:

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We import many items from Madagascar including Cocoa Beans and Vanilla Beans. Due to our long relationships with many Madagascar plantation owners, we know which growers are reliable and where to find your required quality.

Field and Fowl Camouflage:

Hunters of Waterfowl MUST have the Deadliest Camo available and it’s RAFFIA !!! Whether from a stand-up or layout blind, raffia is the most natural camouflage available. First introduced to the sport hunting industry in 2001, it is now the most popular and successful camouflage on the market. First used by individual hunters and then quickly picked up by larger companies like Avery and Cabela’s, raffia is helping hunters reach their ‘limits’ quicker then ever. Raffia is Natural and creates a 3-D vision as opposed to fabrics and manufactured fibers. Raffia is easily dyed to any earth tone color. It can cover all your blinds; Stand-Up, Boat, Layout and Dog blinds. Anywhere you now use fabric, should be replaced with raffia.

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