Joseph Stern Company raffia has been used by hunters for many years, and large companies like Cabela’s and Avery sell our hunting blind kits.

We sell in bulk so it’s not going to arrive in a fancy box, but the quality and colors are the best you can buy at below retail cost. There are many colors of raffia available to our hunters.  Below are our most popular hunting colors. We recommend that you mix the colors to get the right combination for what you want to camouflage.  Natural and sand are great transitional colors.

The following are the most popular colors:
GREEN FAMILY:  Field Green, Garden, Olive, Spring Rye, Winter Wheat, Cattail
BROWN FAMILY:  Medium Brown, Edge Brown, Tan, Timber

If you are interested in a more Reddish tone (SMARTGRASS), we recommend our Roan and Golden Brown. We have a 30 lb. minimum. Each “hank” of raffia weighs about 2 lbs. and you are able to mix as many colors as you like to make up the 30 lbs.  30 lbs. will cover the area of an 18’ boat.  If you have any questions, please call us at 216.391.2525