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Ambassadors & Affiliates

Our Ambassador Program

This is a freelance position, where our team will pay you for any ads you make about our product. For your first post, our team will pay you in product, and any other posts made will be paid out of pocket at a set rate. This rate will be dependent on the size of your platform and can be renegotiated as your platform grows.

Our Affiliate Program

Affiliates will be invite only and will maintain a substantially sized following. You will be given a link or coupon code to share with your viewers that grants you a commission percentage on any sales made via your link or code. Your commission is determined by the number of interactions made on your posts and has the potential to increase depending on how your involvement affects traffic and sales on our site. All product necessary for your posts (i.e. grass and/or mats) will be provided by The Joseph Stern Company. You will also have complete access to analytics that show how your involvement in the program is affecting our sales.

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