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  • The Right Pack for Your Hunt

    With our raffia packs coming back in stock this month, we at Joseph Stern have been contemplating how to advise our customers on which colors to p...

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  • A Guide to Ohio Outfitters

    For more than a century, The Joseph Stern Company has been a family owned, Ohio company providing camouflage to nearly every guide service in the s...

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  • Go Natural This Easter: A Better Way to Decorate Your Baskets

    With aesthetics like farmhouse, homestead and cottage core entering the mainstream, people are looking for natural alternatives for everything. These more earthly options are better for the environment and, in my opinion, more pleasing to the eye. The only real downside is many natural decorations, like living flowers or real fruit centerpieces, have a short lifespan which can make them feel like a waste of money. Finding a long lasting and sustainable solution is a thrill for our environmentally conscious folks, which is why we’re always happy to share new ways to use our raffia.

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