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Low Prices, High Quality?

We have the lowest prices on the market and not just by a little, but by half. We keep a very small team and have less mouths to feed. The less mouths we have to feed, the less money we have to make, and the more the customers get to save.

Our strategy to guarantee the lowest prices comes at no loss of quality. We have been operating in the space since 1915 (that's over 100 years). We have been sourcing our raffia from Madagascar the entire time, which produces the highest quality raffia grass in the world. You guessed it, it's all natural and organically grown too.

Our competitors often source lower-quality raffia options that comes from Asia and South America, and sometimes are even synthetic. They do this to offer more competitive pricing, but they also sacrifice quality.

Because our team is small and we have been purchasing raffia for over 100 years, we can afford to charge less on the highest quality product. It's really a no-brainer.