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The Right Pack for Your Hunt

The Right Pack for Your Hunt

Written by Joseph Stern

With our raffia packs coming back in stock this month, we at Joseph Stern have been contemplating how to advise our customers on which colors to purchase. Our number one most asked question: which colors are best for my terrain? It can be difficult for us to answer this question. You know your land best. But after years of talking to our customers, reading the reviews, and seeing for ourselves, we’re ready to pass on some words of wisdom. Here’s a breakdown of our packs and the best environments to use them.


Classic Pack

Mud Edge, Tan, Medium Brown, Winter Wheat, & Field Green

Our most popular pack available, The Classic Pack is our most versatile option. Containing a wide variety of colors, this pack is great for waterfowl hunters looking to hunt across the US and Canada. The dark greens are great for early teal season and can be easily removed to reveal the tans and dark browns in the dead of winter. Whether you’re hunting the Great Lakes or the Pacific Northwest, customers from all over North America camouflage their blinds with these colors.

Classic Pack covering a boat blind.


Wetlands Pack

Tan, Field Green, Mud Edge, Winter Wheat, & Olive 

The Wetlands Pack is ideal for anyone hunting in…well, wetlands. With dark greens and tans, this pack works great in North American Wetlands, Southern Canada and the American South. Containing a variety of tan shades, the Wetlands pack also works great in cornfields. The green can be used in early season, then removed when the stalks start drying out.


Cattails Pack

Field Green, Winter Wheat, Olive, Cattail, & Sand

A slight variation from the previous pack, the Cattails Pack is ideal for folks duck hunting on the East Coast and in Southern Swamps. Containing more shades of green than any of our other packs, the Cattails Pack works best in a warm climate where the grass doesn’t completely die off every year. These colors are also great for early teal season up north.


Dark Marsh Pack

Field Green, Mud Edge, Marsh Gray, Tan, & Medium Brown

If you’re hunting north of the great lakes, we recommend our Dark Marsh Pack. This selection of colors is best used in heavily wooded areas, like the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, and Northern Canada. It can be difficult to find colors that match the wet wood and marsh mud found in winter woodlands, but our medium brown and marsh gray, both included in this pack, create a sense of depth that perfectly matches the environment.


Refuge Pack

Mud Edge, Medium Brown, Marsh Gray, & Natural

Our Refuge Pack varies most in color scale. Including both our lightest and darkest color options, this pack works great in environments with severe weather shifts, like the Midwest and Canada. It catches those darker shades found in the wet, winter woods, but it also contains some lighter, straw colors for late in the season.


Mixed Pack

Olive, Tan, & Sand.

The Mixed Pack is ideal for Midwestern Cornfields and Western Plains. This pack provides a variety of our lightest colors, making any blind blend in perfectly with the dry winter grass. Grass a layout blind in a wheat field and toss a little snow on top, you might as well be invisible. This selection of colors also works great in the dry season.


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